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Tobogganing in Brixental,

Tobogganing in and around Hopfgarten

Tobogganing is not just fun, it provides plenty of action. Exercise on sleds provides variety and the fresh winter air is really great for our bodies. Every toboggan run in the Brixental region has its own very special style. Explore the variety-packed toboggan runs during a sled ride and enjoy the exciting descent and dreamy views to Tyrol’s snow-covered mountains!

In total our guests can choose from more than 30 variety-packed toboggan routes in the Kitzbühel Alps region. As a sport resort and experts in the surrounding area, we have compiled some of the loveliest toboggan routes in the Kitzbühel Alps for our guests:

  • Kirchholz toboggan run in Hopfgarten
    Ride time: 1 hour, ascent via taxi available
    Altitude difference: 892 m
  • Haagalm toboggan run in Hopfgarten
    Ride time: 1 1/2 hours
    Altitude difference: 1350 m
  • Brixenbachalm toboggan run in Brixen im Thale
    Ride time: 40 minute
    descent: 2.0 km
    Altitude difference: 200 m
  • Talkaser-Schrandlhof toboggan runin Westendorf
    Ride time: Ascent on the Alpenrosenbahn
    Descent: 7.5 km
    Altitude difference: 1282 m
  • Kelchalm toboggan runin Aurach near Kitzbühel
    Ride time: 1 1/2 hours
    Descent: 3.8 km
    Altitude difference: 525 m
  • Trattenbachalm toboggan run in Jochberg near Kitzbühel
    Ride time: 2 hours
    Descent: 5.0 km
    Altitude difference: 590 m

Night-time tobogganing in Söll and around Kitzbühel

Tobogganing is fantastic fun. It is a joy for all the family. Tobogganing atnight-time in particular is a special experience. Beneath the clear starry skies the views from the descent start area can be enjoyed from newperspectives. Kitted out with head torches and thanks to floodlighting on the toboggan run gliding on two runners at night-time is particularly great fun.

Tobogganing on the Gaisberg

On 3.5 kilometres one of the best-tend routes provided by Kitzbühel’s cable cars awaits. The route has plenty of twists and turns. You start from Gaisbergstüberl. At the half-way point for the journey you come to another refreshment stop option: Rodelhütte Obergaisberg. This tobogganing business is also open in the evenings from Tuesday to Saturday. The toboggan route is then floodlit until 23.00. You can hire toboggans at the valley station:

  • Gaisberg toboggan run
    Ascent: via the Gaisberg chair lift
    Descent: 3.5 km
    Altitude difference: 873 m
    Floodlit: until 21.30

Out and about on toboggans in the Kitzbühel Alps

In the towns around the Kitzbühel Alps our guests will find a wide range of prepared and secured toboggan runs. From snow-abundant natural toboggan runs, to sled rides including lift ascent to floodlit night-time routes – Tyrol’s mountains leave you wanting for nothing in the winter. It is not just the hearts of adventure-thirsty children that are set aflutter here. You can also combine a sled ride with a climb and enjoy some ‘Hüttenzauber’ afterwards. This is a particularly nice way to enjoy the exciting sled descents . Our team are happy to provide you with information about the most popular tobogganing routes in Brixental and insider tips.

So: Grab your toboggan, get ready, go!

Even though the region around Das Hohe Salve Sportresort is particularly known for its skiing: In winter there is so much more to explore. And one of the most popular activities is probably tobogganing.

  • It is easy to learn
  • It is almost as fast as skiing
  • It is just as much fun

Tobogganing is fun for all ages. An excursion to one of the many toboggan runs in the Kitzbühel Alps can for instance be combined with a stop-off in a traditional Alpine inn. This means that winter pleasure becomes a genuine highlight during a holiday in the mountains.

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Toboggan runs in the Hohe Salve holiday region

Whether it is during the day or in the night under the wonderful starry skies in the region around Das Hohe Salve Sportresort in Tyrol – a tobogganing session on sleds is something you definitely ought to do during a holiday. You can get to the toboggan runs in the region on foot or by lift. After enjoying Tyrol’s typical Alpine inn magic you then head back into the valley on the prepared toboggan runs.

What can I do during a winter holiday in Das Hohe Salve Sportresort?

There are all sorts of things to discover in our Sportresort. Along with skiing or snow-shoe hiking and lots of other attractions during a winter holiday, you definitely ought to give tobogganing a try. Sledding is part and parcel of a winter holiday that leaves you wanting for nothing. Tobogganing is a winter sport for everyone to enjoy, day or night, with lift assistance or on foot. Speed into the valley or at a more leisurely pace in your toboggan.


What are the best toboggan runs in Austria?

You definitely ought not miss out on a tobogganing session with all the family. Among the most popular runs in the Kitzbühel region are:

  • Biberg
  • Faulbaumgartenalm in Alpbach
  • Night-time tobogganing on the Asitz
  • Spielberghaus toboggan run


How do I get down the piste safely on two runners?

  • Equipment: Sturdy footwear, snow-repellent trousers and jacket, gloves, helmet and ski goggles.
  • Sitting: One hand holding the cable, one hand holding the sled from behind,
    both feet on the runners.
  • Steering: One foot heel pressed into the floor, upper body leaning into the bend. Use your left foot for left turns; right foot for right turns.
  • Braking: Position both feet to the sides, in the snow next to the sled, whole sole of the foot is in contact with the floor. Lift sled up using both hands and stay seated.

Additional winter activities

Additional activities for your winter holiday:

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