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Sporthotel mit Fitnesstudio

Our Move offers

Drei Sportler machen Bodenübungen

Small groups for optimal support: from back exercises to functional training, core training, workouts, bike tours, yoga, walking, running, Nordic Walking and much more! The weekly agenda can be found in your room and at reception. Talk to our trainers and supervisors. The wide-ranging offer has something to suit every fitness level and there is a programme to meet every requirement – discover your own favourite type of training!

For more personalised training and a targeted increase in performance, we recommend personal training with our highly qualified sports scientists.

Whether tennis, golf, handball or football – there are many ways to enjoy club sport in the region. Do you enjoy sport with others? Let us know! We would be happy to inform you about the possibilities on offer in the surrounding area and to reserve a place for you.

Our Move offers

Move programme and muscle regeneration 2.0

Spiroergometry on the bicycle incl. consulation

Spiroergometry is an endurance test on a cycle ergometer. Your breathing is measured during the exercise and your performance is recorded using your heart rate. Spiroergometry is a performance check and gives you detailed information about your current fitness level. your current fitness level. Your data will be analysed by our sports scientists and discussed in the subsequent consultation. You will then work out your personal training recommendation.


€ 159,00 for 90 min

Bioelectrical impedance analysis incl. consulation

This analysis provides you with precise information about your current body composition. Your percentage of body water, muscle mass and body fat will be determined and your metabolism will then be optimised by our sports scientists using individual nutrition and training recommendations. optimised by our sports scientists. Exercise, recovery and nutrition are the three most important pillars of a healthy lifestyle.


€ 59,00 for 50 min


Personal Training

Our coaches determine your current physical condition and work out your personal training plan based on this. Together, they will put together individualised exercises that you can easily do at home. The focus is on healthy joints, a stable and strong and strong torso, a flexible spine and strong legs and arms. Look forward to learning new exercises in our modern Move area and integrating them into your everyday life.


€ 89,00 for 90 min

Massage pistols from hypervolt or theragun

Rapid, rhythmic tapping on the muscles loosens them and improves circulation. Tensions are temporarily released and the metabolism is stimulated within the muscle fibres.


€ 19,00 for 20 min

Compression pants from reeboots

Compression of the lower extremities is created by automatically filling air chambers. The lymph flow is stimulated and the circulation is increased. Muscular regeneration is accelerated and stress is better metabolised.


€ 29,00 for 30 min

Compex electric muscle stimulation
Compex electric muscle stimulation with partial body massage

After attaching electrodes, the muscles are stimulated with electrical impulses. You can choose between a variety of programmes and programmes and the intensity can be adjusted manually. The muscle fibres can be partially controlled and thus tensed and relaxed.


€ 29,00 for 25 min

€ 49,00 for 50 min with Body massage

Taping with kinesiotape

Painful joints and muscles are treated with stretchable materials. As the tape is fixed to the skin, the skin is moved movements, the skin is moved against the underlying tissue. This activation regulates the muscle tension and triggers a and triggers a signal transmission to the central nervous system.


€ 19,00 for 25 min

Balance Pad Training

Carry out targeted balance and strengthening exercises with our coaches using the balance pad, which you can also can easily do at home. Together we will learn exercises to better control your own body weight. control your own body weight.

E-Bike Tour

 Our coaches will show you how to use an e-bike and customise the tour according to your wishes. An active cardiovascular training and a breathtaking mountain panorama are guaranteed.

Functional strength training

Circuit training for the whole body: we combine simple and functional exercises to maximise the effect of the workout. maximum effect within the training programme.

Active running circuit

Get to know our in-house running circuit, with active stations integrated into nature for more strength and to promote balance. 

Immune system boost

We'll learn how to boost the immune system together. Let us surprise you with the exciting methods our coaches will introduce to you.

Kettlebell training

A lively and above all very demanding full-body workout in which the basic technique and usability of kettlebells are learnt. the basic technique and usability of the kettlebells.

Mobility and flexibility

We pay attention to healthy joints and a flexible spine and carry out exercises relevant to everyday life for more mobility and flexibility.


Varied and intensive strength and endurance training for the whole body. Sling training is one of the simplest easiest and at the same time most effective workouts in the world. 

Outdoor strength training

Varied, functional full-body strength training in the outdoor area for a stable core and strong leg muscles. 

Swimming technique

Swimming technique training for beginners and swimming enthusiasts in our 25 metre sports pool.


Active cardiovascular training with a focus on ergonomic and rhythmic cycling as well as strong group dynamics group dynamics accompanied by motivating music.


Learn yoga basics or consolidate your yoga skills. Harmonise body and mind for more power in everyday life.

10 ticket deals

Move & Relax Swim€ 120.00
Move & Relax Swim an Sauna€ 160.00
Move & Relax Fitness€ 130.00
Move & Relax group training€ 150.00
Move & Relax All-inclusive€ 220.00


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