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Schwimmen im 25 m Sportbecken

Pools in the Sport Resort Das Hohe Salve

The two pools in the sports resort cover both the move and relax needs. The 25 m sports pool with 3 lanes is ideal for exercising and working out. Swimming is the ideal whole body workout! We heat the sports pool to approx. 24.5 °C all year round, which is why you can also swim your lanes in winter

For the leisurely swimmers, the indoor and outdoor pools are a great place to retreat. The pleasantly warm pool with 30 °C consists of an indoor pool as well as an outdoor pool. So you can swim in the fresh air and enjoy the breathtaking panorama without having to get out of the water! 

Dive in, work out or just relax! 

Pärchen genießt die Aussicht im Innenpool

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