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7 reasons for Move & Relax

7 reasons for Move & Relax.

Because a sustainable lifestyle is based upon these two supporting columns.

1. Because Move & Relax can change your life.

Return from a holiday with renewed vigour for life.
A holiday is time away from the daily grind. But in all honesty, how long does that holiday feeling last as soon as you get home and turn the key in the lock? Move & Relax is not just a holiday romance. When you leave here after your holiday you do so with renewed vigour, which you can then continue to enjoy when you get home.

In Sport Resort Hohe Salve a whole team of fitness trainers, coaches and specialists in nutrition are by your side. You can expect a tailor-made training concept and personal supervision during your stay from them – a concept you can quite literally take home with you.

Yoga im Sommer

2. Because exercise brings people together.

Anyone who exercises will quickly find like-minded others.
Doing sports together makes training more exciting, more pleasant and more motivating. The same applies of course to anyone who regularly takes time-out.

You can relax alone, or in company.
You can also count on us. On request, at Move & Relax we are always here for you, accompanying you to attain your goals.

Three joggers at Lake Salvensee

3. Because regeneration is part of performance.

A break is part of performance.
Our performance-oriented society often leaves us with the feeling of having to fill every free minute with an activity. How often are periods of rest pooh-poohed as being laziness?

Relaxation is a key point in the interplay between exercise, the right nutrition and even regeneration. So, looked at in this way, breaks are performance in themselves.

Drei Wanderer genießen die Aussicht und die frische Luft am Berg

4. Because food can help a great deal with exercise.

The right nutrition is not about sacrificing pleasure.
A person who is active also has to eat. What is important is that the right food is on your plate. A meal plan ought to be tailored to your age, your life situation and personal calorific requirements.

However the right nutrition is in no way about having to forgo pleasure, or about going hungry. Our team show you how you can eat pleasurably and consciously too.

Müsliauswahl beim Frühstücksbuffet

5. Because exercise is always in season.

You can always exercise – no matter when or where.
Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, whether in the morning or in the evening, come rain or beaming sunshine – you can always exercise. The range available in and around Sport Resort Hohe Salve is variety-packed and can be availed of irrespective of your ability level or the season.

Numerous safe and in part guided outdoor and indoor offers get you in the mood for a holiday, helping provide you with renewed vigour year-round.

Läufergruppe in den Feldern

6. Because happiness is a question of balance.

Balance is the route to happiness.
When you exercise, something shifts. Not just on the scales, or in your legs, but also in your mind. A great blend of exercises, relaxation and conscious nutrition enhances that feeling of happiness.

The brain recalibrates, you get fresh ideas and head into the day with positivity.

Two bikers on the mountain in summer

7. Because Move & Relax has been developed with sports scientists.

Using the expertise of top-level sport comes the individual Move & Relax concept.
It might often look easy, but exercise and regeneration are a science. At least they are when you want to do everything properly. That is why we work closely with sports scientists from the University of Innsbruck.

Move & Relax offers expertise from top-class sport, tailored to suit your own needs.

Frau macht eine Aufwärmübung im Freien

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