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Massages and other wellness treatments.

Let yourself be pampered by our "healing hands".

When you relax, time stands still, or at least the clocks tick more slowly. Your inner energy level drops, your  thoughts calm – you redefine your inner core. You arrive in yourself.

Enjoy wonderful massages carried out by our professional staff. Whether it is after sport, or after a challenging day, you will find an offer to suit your needs here.


Classic massages

The classic massage is used to relax, loosen and stretch the muscle tissue and to additionally strengthen the muscles. It acts like a passive movement therapy. At the same time, the blood circulation in the tissue and skin is stimulated, which has a positive effect on circulation and your well-being.

Classic massage 25mins€ 46.00
Classic massage 50mins€ 76.00
Classic massage 75mins                            € 119.00
Partical body massage with Scraps50mins€ 78.00
Partical body massage with medicinal mud50mins€ 78.00

Sports massage

Your muscles and connective tissue are loosened with an intensive, pressurised massage technique. The blood circulation in the body is stimulated and your muscular regeneration is optimised. We recommend this revitalising treatment after a session of exercise in order to be fit and energised again afterwards.

25mins€ 48.00
50mins€ 78.00
75mins€ 123.00

Face, head and neck massage

A nice face, neck and head massage can work wonders. After just a short time, you will glide into an absolute relaxation phase, blockages are released and headaches are relieved. Simply switch off and enjoy.

25mins€ 46.00

Hot Stone massage

A combination of a soothing massage with heated lava stones and high-quality oil for a deep-acting effect: the warmth of the basalt stones loosens the deep muscles and relieves tension and blockages so that body and mind are harmonised again.

€ 46.00 for 25 min

€ 78.00 for 45 min

€ 108.00 for 75 min



Signature treatment - Full body treatment

A personalised relaxation and massage concept to improve your physical well-being and optimise your performance. optimise your performance. Your needs and concerns are discussed with your individual therapist and a customised massage is performed. customised massage.

€ 104.00 for 65 min


Detox massage

Gentle stroking of the skin and flowing movements activate the lymphatic vessels and stimulate the metabolism. stimulated. This treatment reduces overstraining of the muscles and improves your individual ability to regenerate. regeneration capacity is improved. The massage has a regenerating and detoxifying effect and strengthens the immune system.

25mins€ 48.00
50mins€ 78.00


Honey massage

This special plucking massage is performed with pure natural honey. The metabolism is stimulated, waste products are are released from the tissue and the muscles are loosened. The honey has a moisturising effect, anti-inflammatory and stimulates blood circulation.

€ 54.00 for 25 min

Foot massage

All the organs and muscles in your body are activated by applying pressure to the reflex pathways using a special massage technique. The individual reflex zones on the soles of your feet are assigned to specific organs and tissues. This pressure point massage pressure point massage and at the same time activates your self-healing powers.


€ 48.00 for 25 min

€ 78.00 for 50 min

Fresh leg - Leg massage

The perfect massage for your legs after a fantastic day of skiing, a breathtaking bike tour or a challenging mountain tour. Our massage therapists loosen the strained muscles and fasciae and pamper your legs with soothing oils.

€ 48.00 for 25 min

Aroma-Relax massage

A wellness massage to relax body and mind: gentle, slow and even touches bring the body into a relaxed state. into a relaxed state. The aim of the massage is to harmonise your body and mind and revitalise them with new energy.


€ 48.00 for 25 min

€ 78.00 for 50 min

€ 123.00 for 75 min

Hydroxeur pro application

Unique, regenerating hydrotherapy tub with underwater massage to boost your well-being and escape the challenges of everyday life. everyday life. This bath relieves tension, stimulates blood circulation and stimulates the connective tissue. The The pulsating vibration massage activates your lymphatic system and has a positive effect on your metabolism.

€ 38.00 for 20 min

Aquathermojet® application
Aquathermojet application incl. medical mud

The AquaThermoJet® supports the regeneration of overstrained muscles and promotes relaxation with 24 ergonomically arranged rotating water jet nozzles, rotating water jet nozzles. Massage movements with the warm water jet and a temperature of approx. 35 degrees improve the improves blood circulation in the tissue and activates the metabolism.

30 min€ 26.00
30 min incl. medical mud€ 38.00


Body scrub and pack

Body scrub

This nourishing and natural peeling gently removes dead skin cells. Cell renewal and blood circulation in your skin are activated and and ensure a velvety body feeling.

€ 42.00 for 25 min


The wrap counteracts environmental stress on the skin. It helps to restore the skin's natural protective layer and counteract dry skin.

€ 42.00 for 25 min

Sport pack

New vitality for joints and muscles: The active ingredients in the wrap relieve tension and stimulate blood circulation.

€ 42.00 for 25 min

Body peeling and body pack

The perfect combination for skin in need of care: the natural peeling gently removes dead, dry skin cells. This prepares your skin for intensive absorption of the active ingredients in the body wrap of your choice.

€ 79.00 for 50 min

Mud pack

Our natural mud pack has a circulation-promoting and metabolism-stimulating effect, which in turn leads to an increase in cell activity and a strengthening of the immune system. Cell activity and strengthens the immune system. The anti-inflammatory effect makes this the perfect treatment for muscle tension and stiffness after active exercise.

€ 14.00 for 25 min

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