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Beauty Treatments at Das Hohe Salve

Our cosmetics offers

Out and about in the mountains all day? Would you like to bring your day to a relaxing close and re-energise for the next day? Then our beauty and cosmetics area is just the place. You will be pampered from head to toe using various methods and top-quality products. Our variety-packed offer is tailored to suit your needs.

Facial, eye and cosmetic treatments

Reviderm Base (25 min)

Our small but effective treatment guarantees optimum care and relaxation in a short time.

€ 59.00

Reviderm Anti-Aging (50 min | 80 min)

Targeted treatment tailored to your skin's needs to combat the visible signs of ageing. The hydrolayer is used to intensively active ingredients into the skin. Moisture deposits are replenished and a "restructuring biolifting" effect is achieved.

50 min€ 103.00
80 min€ 119.00

Reviderm collagen eye application (25 min)

Especially for the sensitive, dry and demanding eye area: the highly concentrated active ingredient concentrate in combination with the collagen pads ensures a radiant look with an immediate effect.

€ 45.00

Reviderm fruit acid application (50 min | 80 min)

Cell-activating deep cleansing to gently remove dead skin cells using fruit acid: the skin's renewal process is activated, The skin's renewal process is activated, the absorption of active ingredients is improved and the skin is given a natural freshness boost - an ideal treatment for wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation disorders and blemished skin.

50 min€ 96.00
80 min€ 123.00

Reviderm Face Intense (50 min | 80 min)

REVIDERM uses innovative active ingredient complexes to stimulate natural regeneration mechanisms. The skin's own collagen production is stimulated to make the cells more receptive and reduce wrinkles.

50 min€ 93.00
80 min€ 119.00

Facial treatment "The moving man" (50 min)

A wonderfully soothing facial treatment tailored to the sporty man: a well-groomed complexion is also a must for the modern man. must. This treatment promises soothing care and relaxation.


€ 89.00

Facial massage (25 min)

Including highly concentrated active ingredient ampoule

€ 34.00

Gentle hair removal with warm wax

legs to knee€ 35.00
legs complete€ 45.00
armpits€ 15,00
bikini line€ 15.00
full face€ 15.00
upper lip/chin€ 8.00


Hand and foot care

manicure without polish | with polish€ 48.00 | € 53.00
pedicure without polish | with polish€ 58.00 | 63.00
small nail service€ 32.00
polish€ 19.00


Spa treatment for hands and feet

Thanks to spa manicures and pedicures, hands and feet stay younger for longer! A four-step professional care system with cosmetic properties that exfoliates, revitalises, renews and protects the skin.

€ 132.00

SPA manicure | SPA pedicure

Peeling, bath, pack, shaping and filing of the nails, removal of excess cuticles/calluses, massage in care cream
Nail polish on request

SPA manicure€ 65.00
SPA pedicure€ 75.00



Diamond abrasion (10 min)

Bookable during a facial treatment

Diamond abrasion is one of the most modern and effective exfoliation treatments in cosmetics. The upper dead skin cells are gently skin cells are gently removed in a controlled manner using diamond-coated attachments and suctioned off. This stimulates the skin's regeneration mechanism This stimulates the skin's regeneration mechanism very effectively, providing lasting treatment for hyperkeratinisation, pigmentation disorders, scars and acne.

€ 25.00

Ultrasound – Channelling in active ingredients (10 min)

Bookable during a facial treatment

€ 20.00

Eye treatments

Bookable during a facial treatment

Eyelash tinting€ 14.00
Eyebrow colouring€ 11.00
Eyebrow correction€ 9.00
Eyelash und eyebrow colouring€ 21.00

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