7 reasons for Move & Relax

Yoga am See

7 reasons for Move & Relax.

Because the two Move & Relax pillars support a sustainable lifestyle.

1. Move & Relax can change your life.

Head home from holiday with a new zest for life.
Holidays are a break from the everyday. But hand on heart: how long does your holiday feeling last once you get home and turn the key in the front door? Move & Relax is meant to be more than just a holiday romance. We send you home with a new enthusiasm for life that you can keep going in your own home.

You have a whole team of fitness trainers, coaches and specialists in nutrition by your side at Das Hohe Salve Sportresort. They will prepare a made-to-measure training concept for you and guide you personally during your stay. It's a team you can proverbially take home with you when its time to leave.

Recommended packages

Move & Relax Basic

At € 99.00, our Basic package offers a combination of personal training and classic massage.


Yoga im Sommer

2. Exercise brings people together.

Exercise attracts like-minded people.
Doing sport with other people makes the training more sociable and enjoyable, and is more motivational. The same applies, of course, to all those who remember to take some time for themselves regularly.

Relaxation is something you can do alone or with others. 
You can count on us. At Move & Relax, we are always there for you when you need us, to guide you to your goals.

Recommended packages

Move & Relax Group Training

We have different exercise sessions on the programme daily. Our hotel guests can take part in the sessions free of charge.


Drei Jogger am Salvensee

3. Regeneration is part of performance.

The pause as personal accomplishment.
Our performance-oriented society often gives us the feeling that we have to fill every spare minute with activity. How often are breaks dismissed as laziness?

Relaxation is an important part of the interplay between exercise, proper nutrition and regeneration too. If you look at it this way, breaks are a personal accomplishment.

Recommended packages

Relax Restart

Pure relaxation in all its many forms Relax and leave the everyday behind you – for € 149.00.


Drei Wanderer genießen die Aussicht und die frische Luft am Berg

4. Nutrition can make a big difference.

Proper nutrition is not a denial of pleasure.
If you are active, you also have to eat. What’s important is what you put on the plate. The menu should be determined by the age, lifestyle and personal calorie requirement of the person.

Proper nutrition means in no way having to deny yourself pleasure or, even worse, going hungry. Our team will show you how to nourish yourself in a way that is both enjoyable and mindful at the same time.

Recommended packages

Manual Lymph Drainage

For € 67.00, we will will get your metabolism going again, your body will be detoxified and your individual ability to regenerate will be improved.


Müsliauswahl beim Frühstücksbuffet

5. Exercise is always in season.

You can always exercise – no matter when, no matter where.
Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, in the morning or in the evening, whether by rain or glorious sunshine – you can always exercise. Particularly in and around Das Hohe Salve Sportresort, the choice is varied and doesn’t depend on ability or the time of year.

There are plenty of safe outdoor and indoor activities available, some of them led by instructors, providing a reason to take a holiday that restores your zest for life at any time of the year.

Recommended packages

Move Basic

With a combination of bioimpedance analysis and personal training, we work with you to define your personal needs and goals for only € 119.00  .


Läufergruppe in den Feldern

6. Happiness is a question of balance.

Balance is the way to happiness.
When you get moving, something else gets moving. Not only on the scales or in the legs, but in the mind. A good mixture of exercise, relaxation and conscious nutrition increases the feeling of happiness.

The brain gives itself a shake-out, you get fresh ideas and start the day feeling positive.

Recommended packages

Hydroxeur Pro Treatment

Effortlessly increase your wellbeing in the unique hydrotherapy bath for € 34.00. Its effects are calming, caring and regenerative.


Zwei Biker im Sommer am Berg

7. Move & Relax has been developed with sports scientists.

With the know-how of elite sport to the personalised Move & Relax concept.
It might often look simple, but exercise and regeneration is a science. At least, it is when you want to do it properly. That’s why we work closely with sports scientists from the University of Innsbruck.

Move & Relax offers you know-how from elite-level sport, tailored to your personal needs.

Recommended packages

Move Diagnosis

We use bioimpedance analysis and spiroergometry to establish your body composition and physical abilities and create a personalised training plan for you for only € 199.00.


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