Massages and other well-being treatments.

Be pampered by our 'healing hands'.

When you relax, time stands still, or at least the clocks tick more slowly. Your inner energy level drops, your  thoughts calm – you redefine your inner core. You arrive in yourself.
Enjoy wonderful massages carried out by our professional staff. Whether it is after sport, or after a challenging day, you will find an offer to suit your needs here.


Classic massages

Partial body25mins€ 34.00
Partial body with cups45mins€ 49.00
Partial body with healing moor45mins€ 49.00
Full body50mins€ 64.00

Take a bit of time for yourself and treat yourself to this beneficial classic treatment. Using wonderful massage techniques, your muscles are eased, tension is alleviated and your circulation stimulated. Just switch off and relax.

Sports massage (50 mins)

Your muscles and fascia are eased with this somewhat more intense and forceful massage technique. Your body's circulation is stimulated and your muscular regeneration optimised. We recommend this treatment to revitalise after an exercise session, to get fresh and fit again.

€ 69.00

Hot Stone Massage (35 mins or 60 mins)

The combination of a beneficial massage and warmed lava stones await you here. Tensions and blockades are released through the warmth of the basalt stones, re-harmonising body and mind.

€ 42.00 for 35mins
€ 73.00 for 60mins

Electric muscle stimulation from Compex® (25 mins or 45 mins)

Relax your tired muscles and feel gentle electrical stimulation. Choose from rehabilitation massages, relaxing massages and pain treatment and enjoy active regeneration after your efforts.

Compex® Electro stimulation € 35.00 for 25 mins

Compex® Electro stimulation with partial body massage € 49.00 for 45 mins

Manual lymph drainage (25 mins or 50 mins)

Your lymph vessels and metabolism are activated by gently smoothing out the skin and using flowing movements. This treatment reduces muscle overuse, and enhances your own ability to regenerate. Lymph drainage has a relaxing effect, is detoxifying and strengthens the immune system.

€ 37.00 for 25mins

€ 67.00 for 50mins

Foot reflex zone massage (25 mins or 50 mins)

By applying pressure to the reflex pathways on your feet, every organ and every muscle in your body is activated. The reflex zones on the soles of your feet are linked to specific organs and tissues in your body. This pressure point massage has a positive effect on these zones, enhancing your sense of well-being and activating your body's own self-healing powers.

Foot reflex zone massage € 34.00 for 25mins

Foot reflex zone massage in combination with a partial body massage € 64.00 for 50mins

Fresh Feet – Foot massage (25 mins)

Pure relaxation for tired feet. Your feet are both nourished and cleansed with a beneficial foot bath. With the massage technique that follows, tension is released and your arches are reactivated.

€ 34.00

Fresh Legs – Leg massage (30 mins)

The perfect massage for your legs after a superb day of skiing, a breath-taking bike tour or a wonderful hike. Our massage therapists ease weary muscles and fascia, and pamper your legs with beneficial oils.

€ 39.00

Signature Treatment (35 mins or 65 mins)

You and your therapist devise an individual relaxation and massage concept based around enhancing your physical well-being and optimising your performance ability. You and your therapist work out your needs and requirements, and a bespoke treatment is then carried out. The philosophy of Sport Resort Hohe Salve is implemented in an individual manner here, focussing on the interplay of exertion and relaxation. Specific attention is paid to making your personal treatment sustainable - your therapist is there for you during your stay to answer any questions you may have.

€ 49.00 for 35mins

€ 79.00 for 65mins

Hydroxeur® per treatment (20 mins)

Make the most of the unique hydrotherapy whirlpool and enhance your well-being. In the Hydroxeur® Whirlpool, air is mixed with water to create micro-fine particles using 144 jets and you get to enjoy a unique underwater massage. Tensions are eased with this bath, circulation improved and the connective tissue stimulated. The pulsating vibration massage activates your lymph system and has a positive effect on your metabolism. Slip away from life's hectic pace and enjoy the calming, nourishing and regenerating effect of our 'Slip away' Hydroxeur® bath.

€ 34.00

Aquathermojet® treatment (20 mins)

Pampered from your feet up to your shoulders with circular movements using 32 ergonomically arranged, rotating water jet nozzles. AquaThermoJet® supports recovery from overexertion, helping you relax. Massage movements with the warm jet of water, at a temperature of around 35 degrees, improves circulation in your tissues and activates your metabolism.

€ 17.00

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